Welcome to Greppo’s documentation

Greppo is a Python library that makes it easy for Data Scientists to quickly build geospatial apps natively in Python. You do not need any fonr-end or back-end experience to start using this. Out-of-the-box, the library provides front-end components and APIs to connect to the back-end.

Greppo focuses on:

  1. Optimizing for simple and fast UX. A user-experience that anyone with simple knowledge of python can use.

  2. Rich UI features. The components provide minimal, interactive and beautiful visualization interfaces.

  3. Readily provides APIs. Connection to the UI elements to your python script are taken care out-of-the-box.

To know more about Greppo and its internal workings, and how to maximse its use, check out Greppo’s mental model

Check out the Installation and Quickstart sections to get started instantly.