Image Layer

The Image Layer is used to render image layers that have or do not have geospatial-embedded data in them. These layers typically handle .TIFF, .png, .jpeg, and could be from a local folder or from a url.


image file path to an image file or a url to the image.

bounds Bounds for the image on the map in the form [[lat_min, lon_min], [lat_max, lon_max]]

name Str value serving as a unique identifier for this layer component. Which will also appear in the layer controls.

description Description string value rendered on the UI.

visible Boolean toggle to turn on or off a Base Layer. A Greppo App can have multiple Tile Layers.

opacity Change the opacity of the layer using a float value between 0.0 and 1.0.

Usage (General)

from greppo import app

        [26.954778413559467, -18.960764010156442],
        [69.17386061853473, 52.828854567988834],
    name='Eruope pic',
    description='Random picture of europe',