It’s easy to get started with Greppo.

Install Greppo

First install the Greppo python package using your python installation,

pip install greppo

Setup the project

Create a new dir for your Greppo project, and create a new script,

mkdir my-greppo-app
cd my-greppo-app
touch app.py


Create a new file app.py that will setup the user script,

touch app.py


Populate script with a simple app to get started with,

from greppo import app
import numpy as np

x = app.number(name="x", value=3)

print('Numbers list: ', np.ones(10) * x)


This script creates a single input x that the user can interact with and the script generates a list of the current number value with a list size of 10,

Run app

Run the app and you’re on your way building a geospatial app in seconds!

greppo serve app.py