Map components

The components that provide an API interface to the geospatial visualizations are described here. Greppo uses Leaflet to render and interact with geospatial data. The main components are:

Base layer

This provides the base layer to be used. It is usually a link to a tile server. Although only one base layer could be visible at a particular time, you can add many base-layers as options that can be toggled in the app.

Overlay layer

You can add as many overlay layers as you want. At this moment, only vector overlay layers can be added. Raster layers are forseen in the coming releases.

Draw feature

Through the provided draw feature, you can draw Point, Line or Polygon on the map and can get the data of the drawn features using the app.draw_feature() API in your script as a GeoDataFrame. At this point you can have only one draw feature, but multiple draw features are foreseen.