WMS Tile Layer

The Web-Map Service (WMS) Tile Layer is used to render the layers served from a server using the URL provided, along with the format which it serves.


name Str value serving as a unique identifier for this layer component.

url URL representing the WMS tile server.

description Description string value rendered on the UI.

visible Boolean toggle to turn on or off a Base Layer. A Greppo App can have multiple Tile Layers.

opacity Change the opacity of the layer using a float value between 0.0 and 1.0.

layers Name of the layers that are to be queried.

subdomains The subdomains through which the layers are served. A string or a list.

attributions Usage attributions for the data.

format For mat in which the tiles are served. The default is 'image/jpeg'.

transparent If true, the WMS service will return images with transparency.


from greppo import app

    name='Weather Data', 
    description='Weather WMS tile layer'